Driving Tomorrow's Challenges

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basysKom provides the services and competencies as well as ready building blocks to create new innovative platforms. Our experience in working with large scale international entities and heterogeneous teams make basysKom a specialist in removing product development roadblocks and building leading innovative systems. basysKom combines German Engineering and innovation with professionally made open source and a long history in working with both upstream communities and fully closed projects.

We are entering an era of innovation for scores of new device types. Touch phones, tablets, cars, set-top boxes, and others are providing more functionality than ever and integrating themselves into our everyday lives. New user interface paradigms introduced in the last few years have driven the market to provide entirely new use scenarios. As a result, today's computer world is experiencing the rumblings of a revolution.

The rapid development of new devices requires:

  • solid but flexible platforms, based on standards
  • creation of new and innovative software solutions
  • development teams who understand this vision and are capable of building platforms and solution
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It's not about Technology...

it's about the mindset. We create new solutions for you using excellent architecture design. Using standardized development processes we remove roadblocks on your way to a product. We use best of breed technology as building blocks. Since the very beginning, basysKom has been offering complex development services for Linux platfoms and software stacks for emerging devices. Read more about our Services.